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Wire Rope Clips Take Timely Measures

Generally should be based on the diameter of the Wire Rope Clips reasonable choice rope type, type and the number of required. Use should pay attention to:

1. Selection of rope clamp, U-ring inside the net clearance should be larger than the Wire Rope Clips diameter of 1 ~ 3mm or so, the distance between the large card will make the buckle connection card is not tight Wire Rope Clips, resulting in sliding and accidents.

2. The bolts must be tightened, generally flattened with Wire Rope Clips to diameter


3. U-shaped part should be in contact with the rope rope, can not be reversed with the main rope; rope clamp to a Shun, equidistant arrangement;

4. In order to check whether the rope connector is safe, reliable or timely to find whether the rope joint part of the slide, usually in the last rope behind about 500mm and then add a rope clip, and the rope out of a "safe bend"; if the Wire Rope Clips joints When the slide occurs, you can visually show the "safety bend" was straightened, this time should take timely measures.

Wire Rope Clips is one of the indispensable parts of rotary drilling rig construction. The use of Wire Rope Clips in the complex situation, in many cases, the Wire Rope Clips will appear early scrapped. The following is on the use of Wire Rope Clips ideas, I hope you do good use, get the maximum benefit.

1, Wire Rope Clips unwinding and installation, should use the correct method to prevent the Wire Rope Clips kink. Also be careful not to make the surface of the rope covered with sand, so as not to exacerbate wear and tear, affecting the life of the Wire Rope Clips.

2, the whole volume of Wire Rope Clips when used, such as the need to cut off, the end should be in accordance with the banding or blown treatment.

3, must be installed rope card, should be fixed in accordance with the method shown in Figure 5. Rope spacing of 5-6 times the Wire Rope Clips diameter.

4, Wire Rope Clips twist selection should be in the reel at the bottom of the Wire Rope Clips winding way to meet.

5, Wire Rope Clips wrapped in the reel should be arranged neatly, not rubbish, otherwise it will cause serious work in the Wire Rope Clips squeeze and crush, affecting the rope life.

6, the use of the new rope must be in the light load under the "running". This will improve the service life of the Wire Rope Clips. In use should also avoid excessive impact load on the Wire Rope Clips damage.

7, the use of special attention should be paid in the drilling process accurately calculate the distance, not excessive rope, to prevent the rope in the relaxed state of the intersection caused by structural damage to the entire Wire Rope Clips scrapped.

8, for multi-layer winding equipment, Wire Rope Clips in the use of "bite rope" is inevitable. Recommended in the use of "bite rope" site often check and strengthen the lubrication, or regular "channeling rope" cut off, staggered "bite rope" parts.

9, Wire Rope Clips put into use, the performance will be gradually reduced. Therefore, the new rope in the use of a period of time should always check the Wire Rope Clips prone to damage to the site, such as Wire Rope Clips "bite rope" parts, reel under the Wire Rope Clips, a sharp impact through the pulley at the rope and out of the reel Wire Rope Clips parts, Through regular inspection for the rational and safe use of Wire Rope Clips to provide the basis.

10, broken wire processing

When the Wire Rope Clips appears still need to be used when the broken wire should be timely processing. You can use wire clamp clamp broken wire head, before and after repeated bending to the wire cut off. After this treatment, wire breakage will be clamped between the rope, will not cause damage to the use of Wire Rope Clips. The Wire Rope Clips must be replaced when the number of wires in a twist pitch reaches 10% of the total number of outer wires.