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Wire Rope Clips Safe Use

Wire Rope Clips Clips

, Also known as Wire Rope Clips chuck, Wire Rope Clips bayonet. The Wire Rope Clips chuck is mainly used for the temporary connection of the Wire Rope Clips and the fixing of the rear hand rope when the rope is wound around the pulley block, and the fixing of the rope rope rope rope on the rod, which is the wider Wire Rope Clips fixture used in the lifting and hoisting operation The This article aims to introduce its correct and safe use.

According to GB7588-2003 provisions, the traction drive elevator should be installed on the Overspeed protection device to ensure that when the car over speed, the elevator stop or reduce its speed to the heavy buffer within the allowable range. The device should be applied to the car, counterweight, Wire Rope Clips system (including traction Wire Rope Clips or compensation rope), traction wheel position.

According to the different trigger device, the gripper is divided into the speed limiter mechanical trigger (gate pull, the speed limiter action mechanism directly drives the pulling wire shaft to make the rope grip action) and the electromagnetic trigger (overspeed After the speed governor signal, gripper rope pressure block action, folder rope traction rope to implement the brake) two types.

Installation of Wire Rope Clips:

1, the solution volume should be rolled when the rope on the special bracket, you can also use a steel pipe into the rope hole, both ends of the rope and then put up the rope, the rope slowly rotating;

2, the Wire Rope Clips in the reel on the arrangement of Wire Rope Clips in the winding direction of the winding must be based on the twist of the rope, the right twist from left to right, left twist from right to left arrangement, winding should be arranged neatly to avoid partial or Gripping phenomenon.

3, shear Wire Rope Clips cutting should be cut at two edges 10-20mm with wire to tie, tied length of 1-4 times the rope diameter, and then cut off the cutting tool.

Maintenance of Wire Rope Clips:

1, running the rope in the course of the operation should be stable speed, not more than load operation, to avoid the impact load;

2, maintenance of Wire Rope Clips in the manufacture has been coated with enough fat, but after the operation, the oil will gradually reduce, and the Wire Rope Clips surface will occupy dust, debris and other dirt, causing the rope and rope wheel wear and rope rust, Therefore, regular cleaning and refueling should be done. Simple method is to use the wire brush and other appropriate tools to wipe the surface of the Wire Rope Clips dust and other dirt, the melting of the molten steel wire surface grease evenly applied to the surface of the rope, can also be 30 or 40 oil sprayed on the rope surface , But do not spray too much and pollute the environment;

3, the inspection of the use of Wire Rope Clips must be regularly checked and recorded, regularly check the contents of the cleaning in addition to the above refueling, but also check the rope rope rope wear, broken wire, corrosion and fishing hook, rings, Groove and other vulnerable parts of the wear and tear of the situation. Found abnormal circumstances must be adjusted or replaced in a timely manner.