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Wire Rope Clips Regularly Check To Prevent Rust

Silk Storage:

①, Wire Rope Clips should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, to prevent direct sunlight or hot and dry roast; as much as possible to avoid multi-layer stacking Wire Rope Clips; if the long-term storage of Wire Rope Clips should be checked to prevent rust; Treatment, re-coated with grease, such as serious corrosion, the Wire Rope Clips should be used for scrapping; termite and other damage to the wooden plate of the warehouse, wooden plate installed Wire Rope Clips should not be stored for a long time.

②, on the outside of the Wire Rope Clips, should be placed on a dry ground, and with a wooden mat, covered with a rain cover

Wire Rope Clips handling:

①, steel Wire Rope Clips loading and unloading, you must use the crane loading and unloading, so as to avoid damage to the rope and chaos phenomenon;

②, the ground handling, the Wire Rope Clips plate is not allowed to roll on the uneven surface to avoid damage to the Wire Rope Clips or Wire Rope Clips surface;

③, the handling of steel Wire Rope Clips is not wrapped, the rope surface can not stick with stone sand, dust and other friction material to avoid the use of Wire Rope Clips after the wear and tear, affecting the service life of Wire Rope Clips.

Pre-installation check:

Pre-installation inspection purposes: to verify whether the installation of the Wire Rope Clips is equipped with equipment to check with the use of Wire Rope Clips components are intact, check the contents include:

1, Wire Rope Clips diameter, structure, twist, length and so on with the equipment, Wire Rope Clips is damaged and so on.

2, check with the Wire Rope Clips with the relevant parts (reel, pulley, etc.) to ensure that the relevant parts of the state to meet the requirements of the work requirements:

①, the effective diameter of the groove should be at least 5% larger than the nominal diameter of the Wire Rope Clips, too large, too small wheel groove is not conducive to the support of the rope, causing damage to the rope, affecting the rope performance and reduce service life;

②, with the rope with the pulley, round whether the rotation is flexible;

③, the pulley must not wear and tear caused by the groove, curling and other phenomena; if there should be replaced before, can replace the use of Wire Rope Clips, otherwise it will affect the rope performance and reduce the service life;

④, arranged in the same plane on the pulley, should ensure that the pulley axis is located in a plane to avoid the rope axis and pulley plane deflection, resulting in Wire Rope Clips and pulley edge contact to produce extrusion, rotation damage.