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Steel Wire Rope The Use Of More Convenient, Simple Method

Mainly applicable to the storage of steel wire rope, at the same time with lubrication. ① has good resistance to water and rust. In the open and humid working environment, not easy to emulsify the deterioration of the rope can play a protective role. ② have a strong adhesion. In the higher temperature can firmly adhere to the surface of the wire rope, at low temperatures do not peel off. ③ has a good permeability. Hemp pressure when the suction can be sucked into the oil between the steel chain lubrication, when the pressure disappears, the oil was sucked back.

Steel wire rope lubrication method

Wrap the wire rope thoroughly before cleaning the steel wire rope. Clean the wire rope with auxiliary equipment such as air compressor, wire brush and so on to remove the surface dust, rust, water vapor and impurities. Otherwise it will prevent the grease from being inside the wire rope The thorough penetration. In the case of grease, it is required to be carried out in the case where the wire rope is dry and to be uniformly coated with the outer surface of the wire rope. After the oil rope is maintained, the equipment can not be put into operation immediately. It should be allowed to dry for some time to ensure that 95% of the solvent evaporates and then starts working. While adding grease, pay attention to check the surface of the wire rope spots appear bright spots, because these parts of the wire rope in the pulley or reel work part, such as the discovery of such a situation, to take timely measures.

1.1 artificial smear method

When the wire rope to not more than 0.3m / s speed operation, the artificial coating of the rope to the surface of the rope. It is simple and easy, no equipment, no time, place restrictions, but can not guarantee uniform surface coating thickness, and low efficiency, labor intensity, oil waste more.

Cone container method

The conical container method is to pass the wire rope through a grease-filled conical container with a hole slightly larger than the wire rope diameter at the bottom of the container. The wire rope passes through the container at a constant speed (not more than 1.5 m / s) To be lubricated. Cone container is located in a certain position below the rope, the use of more convenient, simple method, more efficient than the artificial smear, coating more uniform, but the thickness is not easy to ensure that oil waste is inevitable.

1.3 spray coating method

With 0.2MPa ~ 0.3MPa of compressed air and coated with grease in the storage tank mixed with a specially designed coater to atomize and evenly sprayed onto the entire surface of the wire rope. The thickness of the coating can be ensured by changing the speed of the rope. To be coated with the solvent in the solvent after evaporation on the surface of the wire rope to form a layer of uniform lipid film, to prevent the corrosion of steel wire rope. Painting method is efficient, the effect is good, the equipment is simple, the investment is small, the operation is convenient, the labor intensity is small, the occupancy time is short, the maintenance time is saved, it is easy to use at the scene. Use a different coater to lubricate a variety of wire ropes. This method requires a special coating of fat, in addition, the shortcomings are still coated after a period of time (12h ~ 24h), due to volatile oil in the grease residue, the friction coefficient of friction wire rope will have a certain Of the impact, so in this period of time, should not be overloaded. In addition, due to the presence of volatile solvents in the coating, in addition to the work site to strengthen the ventilation, but also prohibited fireworks to ensure safety.

1.4 pressure method

The above-mentioned several methods have a common deficiency, can only make the surface of steel wire corrosion and lubrication, because grease can not enter the rope inside, the inter-stock wear can not be avoided, leaving the cable carrying capacity decreased, so the best anti-corrosion And lubrication method should be inside and outside the rope can be lubricated, pressure method is based on this design. It is in a sealed container with pressurized steel rope grease, when the wire rope from the through, the wire rope under pressure in the gap between the strands into the wire rope into the entire section, so that the rope is fully lubricated. Obviously, this lubrication method works best. Not only the inside and outside the steel rope to be lubricated, but also to prevent the original core in the hemp grease outflow and external water vapor into the core of the core, so that it always maintain a good lubrication. This method and then with a dedicated wire rope grease, so that the entire wire rope will be fully protected, and will not bring environmental pollution. This wire rope lubricator, the replacement of different seals, can be used for different diameter wire rope. The lack of pressure is the need for complete sets of special equipment, the structure is more complex, the injection rate is relatively slow (0.3m / s), to take a long time. Nevertheless, it is still an advanced lubrication method.