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Steel Wire Rope Regular Inspection, Maintenance And Use

There is relevant information that from the above analysis that the lubrication of steel Steel Wire Rope on the life of a great impact on the rope. The steel rope to lubricate the system, the rope life can be extended 23 times, so to regularly lubricate the rope, especially the elevator Steel Wire Rope, maintenance work is more important, so often in a good lubrication.

Steel Wire Rope through the pulley rope groove and reel, to regularly check the Steel Wire Rope. Lifting mechanism when working. To be pulled, squeezed, friction, torsion and other load, at the same time, followed by a series of pulleys through a series of pulleys, from time to time by bending and squeezing the repeated role, will appear tired broken wire phenomenon, combined with wear and corrosion and other factors , To increase the development of Steel Wire Rope broken wire, therefore, once a week to conduct a visual inspection of the Steel Wire Rope, the monthly should be a comprehensive and in-depth detailed examination, a few broken wire to properly handle to prevent the wire to break the other wire; Individual sections of Steel Wire Rope, to cut off in time, for example, do not reverse the Steel Wire Rope if fixed properly, torque loss of balance, near the anchor end will occur bird cage phenomenon, if not cut in time, will affect the life of the entire Steel Wire Rope. For the torsion of the rope, because the structure is special, around the entanglement must not destroy or interfere with the original rope between the fixed pitch to prevent the rope slip or strands of strands to form a cage shape. Steel Wire Rope is an important part of the hoisting mechanism, to ensure the quality of manufacturing conditions, the use of factors on the life of the rope has a great impact. Otherwise, the Steel Wire Rope will be diverged during the winding process, thereby reducing the service life of the Steel Wire Rope. In the pulley group, when the Steel Wire Rope passes around the pulley block, the Steel Wire Rope is bent in many times, and the direction of the bending stress also changes. Under the action of alternating stress, the life of the rope is definitely reduced. Therefore, the use of the pulley group Good use of Steel Wire Rope for the same direction of the pulley group.

Steel Wire Rope entanglement method directly affects the service life of Steel Wire Rope or not more than 2 °, the use of maintenance on the rope life has a great impact. Select the appropriate type of Steel Wire Rope and pulley material, by the professional staff on schedule inspection, maintenance and use, the structure to ensure that the central Steel Wire Rope and reel, pulley axis midpoint connection angle α ≤ 1 ° 30 '. It will extend the service life of Steel Wire Rope, reduce construction interest, to ensure the construction period, improve economic efficiency. Before the steel wire is lubricated, the dirt and rust on the back of the Steel Wire Rope should be cleaned and the grease heated to about 60 ° C so that the grease can penetrate fully into the inside of the Steel Wire Rope.