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Stainless Steel Clips Simple And Secure, Easy To Install

The Stainless Steel Clips is a standard part of a fixed pipe consisting of a base plate, a cover plate, a pipe Stainless Steel Clips and a bolt. Its material is divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, nylon, aluminum and other types. The installation can be mounted on the rail, and then rail welding on the basis of the pipe can also be welded directly to the plate or steel beam. Pipe Stainless Steel Clips is simple and solid, easy to install, is the pipeline construction essential parts.

1 is mounted on the welding plate. Before assembling to better determine the direction of the clip, it is recommended that the mark be done at the fixed position first. First, first welded welding floor, embedded in the lower part of the clip body, and then put the tube to be fixed, and then put the other half of the clip and cover plate, with screws tightened. Do not weld directly to the bottom plate that has been fitted with a Stainless Steel Clips.

2 stacking assembly. The rails can be welded on the foundation or fixed with screws. First put the next half of the tube body, put the tube to be fixed and then put the half of the tube body and fixed with screws, through the anti-loose cover to prevent it from turning, and then install the second tube Stainless Steel Clips, the same method.

3 Elbow assembly. When fitting the elbow, it should be fixed directly to the front and rear of the elbow. It is recommended that such a support point should be a fixed position.

1 by the shape of the whole round heavy tube Stainless Steel Clips, full round light pipe Stainless Steel Clips, long pair of half-type tube clip, short to the half of the tube Stainless Steel Clips, rotating pipe Stainless Steel Clips, rotating felt tube clip, J-tube clip, , Shaped tube Stainless Steel Clips and so on.

2 according to the material points: plastic ABS pipe Stainless Steel Clips, aluminum pipe Stainless Steel Clips, stainless steel pipe Stainless Steel Clips, carbon steel pipe Stainless Steel Clips, nylon tube Stainless Steel Clips, electric wood tube folder, and so on. According to the market common material classification.