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Logistics Equippment Low Carbon Environmental Protection, Reduce Pollutant Emissions

What is the green of logistics equippment? In short, is the use of innovative technology or methods to logistics equippment in the production and use of the process to improve efficiency and achieve energy saving, reduce environmental pollution. At present, some of China's logistics and equipment enterprises have been "energy-saving emission reduction, green" as a corporate standard, product design research and development, manufacturing, application management and other aspects of a large number of "green" exploration and practice.

Generally speaking, the greening of China's logistics equippment is mainly manifested in the following aspects: the use of energy-saving environmental protection, renewable resources as raw materials; product structure design more concise and convenient to reduce the use of raw materials, saving resources; application of technical means to achieve logistics equippment The process of low-carbon environmental protection, reduce pollutant emissions; logistics equippment in the application process using more advanced technology programs, operating modes to achieve energy-saving emission reduction.

The use of green raw materials in the tray, the box and other unitary logistics equippment production is particularly evident. New Year (Tianjin) Packaging Industry Technology Co., Ltd. advocated green packaging production, its point of view quite representative. They believe that the green packaging of raw materials need to meet the following points: the premise is that the use of the raw materials to ensure that no reduction in product performance; Second, the material itself environmentally friendly, recyclable, biodegradable or recyclable, and easy to use; The material can extend the service life of the equipment.

At present, China's market more than wooden pallets and plastic pallets, a few years ago, wood pallets caused by cutting trees have been widespread concern, the relevant agencies and many companies have to study environmentally friendly tray materials, wood plastic tray, paper tray, bamboo Made of honeycomb tray, straw tray, composite tray, aluminum tray, etc. have been available. But many experts at home and abroad that the wooden tray itself is environmentally friendly tray, because the raw material is renewable forest, as long as the reasonable planting and use is a good raw material.

Plastic tray also with its good performance to occupy the market, many plastic pallets enterprises in the raw materials for technological innovation, mainly focused on how to break through the polypropylene and polyethylene to ensure product performance on the basis of plastic to achieve the degradation of the plastic. Industry experts said that the technology once the breakthrough, it will bring the plastic tray market, a "revolution", who first mastered the technology, who will lead the market leader.

Lightweight design concept is to reduce the weight of logistics equippment and their own resource consumption, as users save resources, reduce costs and effective way. For example, the stacking machine of Shanxi Dongjie Intelligent logistics equippment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongjie Intelligent") has achieved steady improvement for customers by reducing the weight, applying the track, track and two auxiliary equipment to improve the energy saving Consumption, only in the United States and large projects, a stacker machine can save 50,000 yuan a year electricity. Another example, many freight vehicle companies to ensure vehicle safety performance under the premise of the use of new lightweight materials, reduce vehicle weight to reduce energy consumption.

In addition, the use of energy recovery and reuse design, that is, by adding a special device in the logistics equippment used to collect the equipment generated during the operation of the potential energy, and these potential energy into kinetic energy re-use. Such as the stacker, multi-layer shuttle system design will use the technology, reduce the use of equipment in the process of energy consumption, to achieve green.

 logistics equippment is one of the major logistics operations tools of modern enterprises, which is the basis for rational organization of mass production and mechanized running. For third-party logistics enterprises, logistics equippment is the basis of material and logistics activities of the organization, reflecting the logistics capacity of logistics enterprises size. logistics equippment is the material basis of the logistics system, along with the development and progress of logistics, logistics equippment has been improved and developed. Many new equipment in the field of logistics equippment, such as four-way tray, elevated forklift, automatic sorting machine, automatic guided van (AGV), containers, etc., greatly reduced people's labor intensity, improve the logistics Operational efficiency and quality of service, reducing the cost of logistics, logistics operations play an important role in the great promotion of the rapid development of logistics.