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Anchor An Indispensable Device To Ensure The Safety Of The Ship

An anchor is an indispensable equipment to ensure the safety of the ship. Many types of anchors are divided into four types: anchor, no rod anchor, large force anchor and special anchor.

An anchor with a bar is a rod anchor. The anchor is characterized by an anchor claw into the soil, when the anchor in the sea when the drag, the bar can prevent the paw tilted, from the stabilizing effect. There are anchor anchor in the navy anchor, layer Luo door anchor, single claw anchor and Japanese anchor.

Navy anchor: is the longest use of a typical long anchor, the kind of anchor grip large, can firmly grasp the various soil, but the inconvenience, modern large ships have no longer used as the main anchor.

Lulu anchor: An anchor that can be turned by an anchor. The anchor is easier to use than the naval anchor, but the grip is smaller than the navy anchor, with only one bolt connected to the anchor, the safety is poor. So the anchor is generally not more than one ton.

Single claw anchor: similar to the naval anchor, only one claw, but its larger size. The anchor force of the anchor is greater than that of the navy anchor. A variety of engineering ship positioning anchor, dredger commonly used in this anchor, to ensure that the dredging operation when the ship does not move.

2 without a bar, the claws can be rotated by the two claws as a rodless anchor. The type of anchor is characterized by the work of the two claws at the same time into the soil, good stability, a variety of soil adaptability, easy collection.

Hall anchor: Hall anchor for the first generation of modern standard rodless claw anchor. This anchor is made of simple, easy collection, grasp the larger, good grasping. Is the choice of large and medium-sized ship main anchor object, China likes to use this anchor.

Sibek anchor: Hall is an improved anchor, the structural characteristics of the anchor crown is equipped with anchor plate and ribs. Therefore, the anchor of this anchor can easily turn to the ground, better stability, and the collection does not scratch the ship outside the board and so on.

AC-14 anchor: known as the second generation of rodless anchor. The anchor is wide, the anchor is thicker and has longitudinal edges. This kind of anchor weight is big and the grip is big. Good stability. Commonly used for large container ships, motor carriers and oversized tankers of the main anchor, Europe and the United States and Japan commonly used anchor.

DA-1 anchor: AD-1 type anchor is called the third generation of rodless anchor, is the world's most stable, the most advanced structure of the anchor. The anchor is wide and the end of the three prism, the claw is long with two ramps constitute the inverted V-shaped, the distance between the two claws is very small, this anchor has the most suitable angle of the soil, Because the DA-1 type anchor is almost entirely composed of straight slope, the anchor is accompanied by less sediment, easy to flush, the Japanese shipbuilding industry that the anchor is the most ideal of the anchor is very good, easy to grasp, easy to collect, , The most promising anchor.

3 large grasping force anchor is actually a kind of rod to move the anchor, because it has a large grasping ratio, it is called a large grasping anchor. This type of anchor is characterized by a large area of the claws of the claws, grasping the deep and more deep, grasping special people, but the anchor is easy to pull bad, the collection is not convenient. Large anchor anchor in the Ma's anchor, Dan Fuer anchor, fast boat anchor, Schneider Green anchor and Statha anchor and so on.

Ma's anchor: Ma's anchor is characterized by the structure of the anchor is large, and in the middle of the middle of the claw has a stabilizer bar, in order to prevent the stone stuck can not be locked, and the inside of the claw made arc. Markov anchors are available in both soldering and casting forms. Both forms of anchor are commonly used in our country.

Danfur anchor: similar to the Markov anchor, except that the stabilizer bar is arranged at the top of the anchor. It is said that the anchor of this kind of anchor is particularly large, about three times the navy anchor.

Schillinger anchor: its structural characteristics are designed to tilt the rod-like, and the distance between the two claws to prevent the claws were stuck by gravel.

Speed boat anchor: named thought Italy, is the use of the speedboat anchor, the structure is characterized by two claws closer, cross bar installed in the claw outside, anchor smaller. The anchor of this kind of anchor is very large, but the bar is easy to bend.

Staudo anchor: is a new type of large grasping anchor, grip weight ratio up to 15-20. The anchor is particularly large, the bar is located at the anchor crown, using the welding form. Unlike other anchors, there is a removable wedge that changes the angle of the claw.

4 special anchor shape and use and general anchor are different. Mainly refers to the use of pontoon, hoarding, floating dock and other permanent mooring anchor; icebreaker used on the ice anchor and sailing and boat with floating anchor.